Year: 2015

07 Dec 2015

Footballers hauling dustbins… Now there’s an Idea!

My eye was recently caught by an interview given by David Palmer-Jones, chief executive of Suez UK, to Andr...Read More

23 Nov 2015

A Sparkling Occasion

Last Thursday saw the third hosting of the Turquoise wine tasting challenge, which afforded us the opportun...Read More

16 Nov 2015

Doing the Honourable Thing

Last week we were treated to a scoop from The Ecologist (no, not the Economist) which revealed a leaked let...Read More

19 Oct 2015

The Heat is On

Apart from being one of Gloria Gaynor’s better known hits, it also signifies that, as of today (Friday 15 O...Read More

05 Oct 2015

Volkswagen, Uber, cabbies and London air quality

London is currently in breach of EU limits for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air, which is linked to a rang...Read More

28 Sep 2015


Please don’t think that this is a gratuitous attempt to insult the reader….it’s just the popular name of a ...Read More

21 Sep 2015

Divestment (Part 2)

The FT reported yesterday that ‘Funds worth $2.6tn pledge to dump coal’. So, where does the industry go fro...Read More

14 Sep 2015

Time is running out

Ok I’m going to start at the beginning, I joined Shell International in The Hague in 1985 as a young engine...Read More

07 Sep 2015

An Unintended Consequence of Right to Buy

Housing Associations, charities that provide social housing in the UK, have had a bumpy ride over the last ...Read More

17 Aug 2015

A need for nuance

Investors in the energy and environmental space know that, for better or worse, policy matters. Some exampl...Read More

27 Jul 2015

The Greening of Glastonbury

Music festivals have come a long way since the days of Woodstock and the Isle of Wight when, if they didn’t...Read More

20 Jul 2015

Global energy: The ice bucket challenge

The challenge being to look at the chart above. I am all for celebrating successes, of which I can think of...Read More

13 Jul 2015

China: A new frontier (for me at least)

Some of my colleagues have lived in China and one is fluent in Mandarin, but my recent 10 day trip to meet ...Read More

06 Jul 2015

Automotive technology ventures – identifying opportunities in a challenging arena

Backing automotive technologies is undoubtedly risky but has huge potential upside given the very large vol...Read More

03 Jul 2015

Does it make sense to import wood for energy?

Suffice it to say, initially, that I believe the world’s present-day managed and semi-natural forest areas ...Read More

29 Jun 2015

The Canaries in the Coal mine

From its origins in the coffee houses of London during the late seventeenth century until now, the modern i...Read More

15 Jun 2015

Divestment: The rights and wrongs

Climate-driven divestment is all the rage. Recent high-profile announcements by large investors, such as th...Read More

01 Jun 2015

A few weeks later: Conservative energy policies

Not being an experienced observer of the political machine at work hasn’t deterred me from  mulling  over  ...Read More

20 May 2015

Who should pay for climate change?

Often,  giving people  a  reason to think  or  act in  a certain way is  one  of the most powerful tools  o...Read More

15 May 2015

The conundrum of grid scale electricity storage

Electricity generation from wind and solar PV is intermittent, so as the % of renewables increases, the UK ...Read More

10 May 2015

Insurance & Climate change

Insurance & Climate change My  day  was  brightened  this  morning  by  noticing  a  colourful  adverti...Read More

02 May 2015

How the political parties shape up on climate change

Politicians from five political parties have clashed in a recent BBC TV debate over action to tackle climat...Read More

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