Year: 2016

07 Sep 2016

V is for Venture, E is for Enterprise

The Financial Times recently ran a very interesting article (‘The great pensions tax squeeze’, September 2)...Read More

06 Sep 2016

Three reasons why Hinkley Point should be built

I work for Turquoise investing in and raising funds for Energy, Environment and Efficiency companies that i...Read More

19 Jul 2016

Não Joga Lixo!

The simple act of compelling larger retailers to charge 5p on plastic bags in England at the end of 2015 ha...Read More

24 May 2016

The law of unintended consequences

Churchill is quoted as once saying: “I am preparing my impromptu remarks”. It seems that decisions about lo...Read More

16 May 2016

We need a new energy Trilemma … like a hole in the head! (Part 2)

Having dispatched Trilemma1 to Room 101 let me now try and place a finger in the dyke of Trilemma2 recently...Read More

13 May 2016

Visitors from the East

Thanks to the good work of my colleague, David Wright, Mandarin-speaker and China expert, Turquoise recentl...Read More

23 Mar 2016

What next for the UK Solar Industry?

It’s very easy to get caught up in hyperbole in the period immediately following a subsidy cut announcement...Read More

15 Mar 2016

We need a new energy trilemma … like a hole in the head!

Ian Marchant, ex CEO of SSE and ex IE President, has suggested we need a second Trilemma (see below). Howev...Read More

08 Jan 2016

Floods, Insurance & Climate Change

It must have been incredibly dispiriting, and at times scary, to have spent the holidays in the north of th...Read More

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