Year: 2017

20 Dec 2017

Syrinix – A new way of looking at water

In this whitepaper, we interview Syrinix’s CEO, James Dunning. He outlines why access to water has turned i...Read More

04 Dec 2017

Dawn of the Abundant Free Energy System

There is no logical, technical, economic or political justification for operating the future energy industr...Read More

18 Oct 2017

Recycling in the Anthropocene Age

I think it’s fairly safe to say that technological advances on their own will not reduce per capita use of ...Read More

23 Aug 2017

Bactest – Why the happiness of bacteria matters

Have you ever wondered about how happy bacteria are? Probably not, but for some industries it’s a critical ...Read More

08 Aug 2017

Streaming 2.0

Spotify has just announced reaching a target of 60 million paying users and as a result is now getting read...Read More

19 Jul 2017

Meet the Turquoise team: Luke Taylor

Career Describe your career journey After Cambridge I joined Operis, spending close to three years there bu...Read More

28 Jun 2017

Avoiding value slippage

Co-authored by Sophie Maugan, Partner at Cleveland Scott York, and Ian Thomas, MD at Turquoise.   What...Read More

19 Jun 2017

Meet the Turquoise team: Ian Thomas

Turquoise team members share their thoughts on business issues and give some career insights.   Busine...Read More

07 Jun 2017

Gatwick gone bonkers

Gatwick has become the first UK airport to announce that it will be Carbon Neutral: http://www.mediacentre....Read More

28 Mar 2017

Meet the Turquoise team: Desmond Astley-Cooper

Turquoise team members share their thoughts on business issues and give some career insights.   Busine...Read More

14 Mar 2017

Fighting for all technology to be clean

On February 5th, I had the pleasure of presenting at TEDxOxford outlining my belief that there is no such t...Read More

08 Mar 2017

‘By means of industry … you will rise higher and higher’

(Robert Schumann) At the start of February, I received an invitation from a former colleague, now at the Eu...Read More

18 Jan 2017

A Breath of Fresh Air?

A recent study from Aarhus University in Denmark has shown that student performance can be improved by up t...Read More

12 Jan 2017

In Retail Energy – More meddling is needed!

The CEO’s of major British energy challengers have called for an end to ministerial meddling in the UK ener...Read More

10 Jan 2017

Trypanophobia Investin’!

Fear of needles (trypanophobia) is a surprisingly common thing. Approximately 20% of the general population...Read More

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