Turquoise is one of the leading European advisers and investors in Energy, Environment and Efficiency.

Who we are

Turquoise is a London-based merchant bank specialising in Energy, Environment and Efficiency.  The business was founded in 2002, making us one of the longest-established players in this field.

We have been ranked #1 Investor in Companies and #1 Financial Adviser in European VC/PE and M&A over the period 2012-15 (by Clean Energy Pipeline).  We believe that Turquoise has worked on a wider range of transactions than any of our peers.

The Turquoise team members come from banking, consultancy, utilities and industrial management.  Collectively we have decades of experience in the Energy, Environmental and Efficiency sectors as advisers, investors and business founders.

What we do

Our main activities are:

  • Corporate Finance: including Fundraising and M&A advisory for early and growth stage companies
  • Investment Management: we are fund manager of the Low Carbon Innovation Fund and have provided investment advice to other funds and corporates.

Turquoise has completed advisory assignments and investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport, storage, energy-from-waste, water and many other sectors. These transactions include financing technologies, project development and infrastructure.

Our outlook

Turquoise is interested in all aspects of financing businesses in Energy, Environment and Efficiency.

We focus on the quality of each individual proposition and try to avoid making blanket assumptions about industry sectors.  We believe that there are almost always good companies operating in challenging sectors and, conversely, interesting sectors that do not yet have investable businesses.

Turquoise has worked with many unique companies, technologies and business models.  We look for ways to make deals happen, whether as an adviser or investor, and are committed for the long term. In instances where Turquoise can’t help then we will try to find someone who can.