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06 Sep 2017

Cleantech Innovate interview: Top tips for getting investment for your environmental technology

“Cleantech Innovate 2018 is all about helping the low carbon stars of tomorrow scale up their game-changing technologies by connecting investors with environmental innovators. At Cleantech, pioneering businesses have the opportunity to present their technologies to the audience with the chance of securing investment.

As part of the knowledge exchange leading up to the event in London on March 20th, we asked Ian Thomas, Managing Director at Turquoise, for an investor’s perspective on how companies can refine their pitches for investment.”

Read the full interview below:


29 Jun 2017

First European Industry Day – Summary of the discussions

This paper presents the overview of the discussions during the first European Industry Day, which took place on 28 February in Brussels.

The contributions come directly from the speakers and present their views of the European industry, its opportunities and challenges.

The first European Industry Day attracted a lot of interest and gathered around 600 participants from across the EU and from a large variety of industrial sectors and civil society. It gave an opportunity for an open debate about the strategic approach on industrial competitiveness that is underlying the Commission’s work in the context of its priorities and key initiatives.

13 Jun 2017

Real Deals: Private equity warms to energy efficiency investments.

The EU has decided to reduce the energy consumption by 20% before the year 2020, sparking more interest in green projects focusing on energy efficiency, as opposed to just infrastructure.

In a recent article published by Real Deals, Ian Thomas, Turquoise’s managing director, and other experts in the field, discuss the premises, opportunities and challenges often found in such ventures.


Private equity warms to energy efficiency investments


31 May 2017

Rushlight: Investing in Industrial Cleantech

“The OECD estimates that global resource consumption doubled in the 25 years to 2015; the expectation is that this will double again up to 2050. Businesses are waking up to the fact that there is a real risk that supply may not keep up with demand. Businesses must therefore look at lowering costs and introducing efficiencies in order to stay competitive in an increasingly uncertain macroeconomic environment. (…) Demand for such solutions within industry creates demand for innovations which can provide relevant solutions. Such innovations could in theory cut across any vertical, from material use in the construction industry to mining to efficient robotic manufacturing methods in the automotive industry. Given the widespread demand for such solutions within industry, investors will benefit from rigorous commercial and business models. However, how do investors reconcile relatively capitally intensive opportunities which may take longer than expected to bear fruit with the need to generate sufficient returns for their LPs?”



During the Rushlight event held on 23rd May 2017, Ian Thomas, one of the Managing Directors at Turquoise, discussed the challenges, opportunities and ways to mitigate the risks inherent to investing in this new type of ventures. You can read more about it in the presentation below.

15 Mar 2017

Smart tech still struggles to solve Chinese smog

China is in the third year of its war on pollution to reverse the damage done to its skies, soil and water through decades of unfettered economic growth. Yet so far its actions seem to have had little effect.

Source: Raconteur; 15th Mar 2017


31 Jan 2017

Turquoise director fights for all technology to be clean

David Casale

Turquoise International director, David Casale, has been selected to speak at the TEDxOxford event on February 5th, 2017.

The talk ‘Cleantech changes everything’, will outline David’s belief that there is no such thing as ‘Cleantech’, instead arguing that technology which operates efficiently is by  its very nature environmentally friendly.


20 Dec 2016

An injection of capital pays off for Oval Medical

Oval Medical Technologies, an investee company of Turquoise International, has been acquired by SMC Ltd, the US-headquartered medical device manufacturing firm.

11 May 2016

Turquoise’s fundraising for Dearman Engine wins Deal of the Year

The £19.5M fundraising by Dearman Engine Company, advised by Turquoise, won Deal of the Year at the New Energy and Cleantech Awards held on 28 April in London. Pictured above are Ali Naini and Ian Thomas of Turquoise accompanying David Rivington of Park Vale Capital, the investor in Dearman, to collect the award.


04 May 2016

Thought Leadership: New investment models for industrial technology

Considerations of energy use, environmental impact and resource efficiency are now fundamental to the industrial sector such that the once-distinct area of cleantech is in the process of morphing into a much broader space of efficient industrial technology.

Source: Clean Energy Pipeline 2016

15 Apr 2016

Senior Chinese delegation hosted by Turquoise International

Turquoise International, the merchant bank specialising in energy, environment and efficiency, has hosted a government-led delegation of listed Chinese companies seeking investment and acquisition opportunities in the UK’s industrial technology sector.

Chinese Delegation

Ali Naini of Turquoise (left) presents a gift to Zhu Congjiu, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province (right)

31 Mar 2016

Turquoise International appoints new associate

Turquoise International, the city-based merchant bank specialising in energy, environment and efficiency, has appointed Luke Taylor as an associate.

LT res

13 Mar 2016

Low Carbon Innovation Fund makes final round of investments

London-based merchant bank, Turquoise International, has hailed 2015 a success after completing a final round of investments from the Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF). The Fund, which invests in environmentally focused small and medium-sized enterprises, participated in ten investment rounds in the second half of 2015, contributing £2.6m to a total of £11.2m raised by portfolio companies.

09 Feb 2016

Create Sovereign Wealth Fund for Renewables Support

For renewables to be a commercial success and a sustained contributor to the UK’s energy mix, subsidy support needs to be delivered by the creation of a Sovereign Wealth Fund, agreed key stakeholders at a roundtable event hosted by environmental PR specialist, Prova.


12 Jan 2016

Dearman receives multi million pound investment to support development of clean cold and power technology

Dearman, the clean cold and power technology company, today announced that Park Vale Capital has committed to invest £16 million in the business. This brings the total funds raised by Dearman during 2015 to £19.5 million (excluding grant funding), and will allow the company to bring the first application of its technology to market.


13 Oct 2015

Turquoise MD Francis Wright foresees a grinding halt for UK solar

The UK solar market ‘is going to come to a grinding halt’ when the Renewables Obligation (RO) comes to an end in March 2016, according to a London-based merchant bank Turquoise International’s Managing Director Francis Wright. Source: Clean Energy Pipeline

23 Sep 2015

Second low carbon fundraising round planned for 2016

Turquoise International will look to launch a second fundraising round in 2016 after it closes investments in its first Low Carbon Innovation Fund at the end of this year, Ian Thomas, the Managing Director at the UK fund manager and financial advisory firm, told Clean Energy Pipeline today. Source: Clean Energy Pipeline

28 Aug 2015

Turquoise-managed LCIF achieved successful exit with Push Energy

The Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF) – managed by specialist energy and environment merchant bank, Turquoise – has realised its second successful exit, achieving almost 2.5 times its original investment and a 60% IRR on the sale of its stake in Colchester-based solar developer and EPC contractor, Push Energy.

13 Aug 2015

Dearman to receive investment from Coast to Capital

Dearman, the clean cold technology company, is to receive a £2 million investment from Coast to Capital, via its ‘Growing Places Fund’.

08 May 2015

Converting capital into success

Experience shows that the clean energy and environmental industries are difficult sectors in which to build successful companies. Ian Thomas, a Managing Director of Turquoise, talks about the importance of sound financial strategy in these kind of ventures.

08 May 2015

Clean Energy Europe Finance Guide 2015 – Full report

Clean Energy Europe Finance Guide 2015 – Full report sponsored by Turquoise

01 May 2015

Ocean-going opportunities – the financial future of tidal energy

With work on the world’s first successfully financed large-scale tidal turbine project – The Pentland Firth MeyGen stream – set to soon commence, it seems that marine scale deployment, project finance and secure investment remain a key concernenergy generation is finally becoming a viable funding opportunity for investors worldwide. However, as the industry transitions from initial test devices into array-

27 Apr 2015

Turquoise named world’s most active cleantech investor

Turquoise International was the most active VCPE investor in renewable energy companies in 2014 by the number of investments made.

16 Apr 2015

The new darlings of the investment world

Tax changes and developing investment channels have focused the investor spotlight on startups, so much so the moneymen are ploughing more cash than ever into new ventures

10 Apr 2015

Rise in global clean energy investments is a huge step forward for the industry

According to recent figures from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), global clean energy investments grew 17 per cent in 2014, reversing two year continued decline. Findings from the Global Trend in Renewable Energy Investments repost detail a worldwide surge – seeing total investments reach more than US $270 billion and recognising a significant upturn in the global clean energy market

01 Apr 2015

Is the UK solar market set for a cooldown?

With PV prices falling, efficiencies increasing and global installations doubling in volume every year, the solar market continues to go from strength to strength. However, as the UK closes its Renewables Obligation (RO) for >5MW solar and instead transitions towards working under the Electricity Market Reform (EMR), there is widespread uncertainty about the market’s continued growth.

10 Mar 2015

Renewables is the new black: The global investment story

With the price of oil halving in just six months, other fuel costs have similarly crashed. Altough good news for hard-pressed motorists, homeowners and business managers, many commentators have questioned the impact this will have on renewables investment and deployment.

19 Jan 2015

Solar crowdfunding scheme catches light

A project to site 749 solar panels on social housing in Berwickshire is the most effective crowdfunding campaign ever hosted by the investment platform Abundance Generation

15 Dec 2014

Turquoise calls for clarity on energy goals

With the future of our energy landscape set to be a hot topic in the run-up to next year’s general election, it’s no surprise that resource infrastructure was a key theme in the recent Autumn Statement announcement. However, David Casale, director of Turquoise International – a merchant bank specialising in energy and the environment – believes the message still left many questions unanswered and calls for more clarification into the prioritisation of technologies in the energy sector.

28 Oct 2014

Is energy storage commercially viable?

Energy storage has long been viewed as a key solution for meeting growing demand for power. But despite years of investment its potential has yet to be fully realised. Ian Thomas discussed the challenges and investment opportunities. Source: environmental Finance

15 Oct 2014

Raconteur: Powering the Future

The UK may at last be approaching a new age of grand transition as sustainable clean energy moves on to the balance sheet. Source: Raconteur Media – Powering the Future 2014

13 Sep 2014

Growth will come from risk-taking

One key element in exploiting the huge opportunities that exist in the waste sector is for political parties to semnostrate forward thinking and provide the industry with clarity on regulatory policy. Source: Materials Recycling World

04 Aug 2014

Time to stop talking about cleantech?

Cleantech’ suffers from an image problem and may even be outdated as a concept. Ian Thomas shares his thoughts on how to stimulate invesmtnet in new, cleaner technology. Source: Environmental Finance

17 Jun 2014

Does the word ‘sustainable’ help us make good investments?

David Casale, director at London’s leading energy and environment merchant back, turquoise Internationa, discusses why confusion in the cleantech industry is preventing further drive of innovation and investment. Source: Global Banking and Finance Review

10 Jun 2014

Disruptive solar – has the race already been won?

David Casale of clean tech-focused merchant bank Turquoise International argues that solar power could revolutionise the global energy market. Source: Business Green Plus

19 May 2014

Award-winning biotech firm scents global opportunity

Bringing a new technology to the marketplace is seldom easy, particularly for SMEs with limited resources.’ Source: Entrepreneurs @ Forbes

01 May 2014

Thought leadership: Time to stop talking about cleantech?

Has cleantech become a dirty word ?  Ian Thomas discusses how environmental investing needs to move into the mainstream.


Source: Clean Energy Pipeline 2014

01 May 2014

Thought leadership: Time to stop talking about cleantech?

Has cleantech become a dirty word ?  Ian Thomas discusses how environmental investing needs to move into the mainstream.


Source: Clean Energy Pipeline 2014

08 Apr 2014

UK investment fund named Europe’s most active

Recently released league tables compiled by Clean Energy Pipeline suggest that the Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF), managed by energy and environment merchant bank Turquoise International, was the leading European venture capital and private equity investor in the cleantech sector in 2013 (based on deals completed).

01 Apr 2014

Time for an environmental reality check

Carbon emissions continue to rise at an alarming rate, leading to predictions that the global temperature will increase more than 2°C – the limit set by the IPCC. David Casale explains the need for a reality check, and geater consensus, if real progress is to be made. Source: Environmental Finance

24 Mar 2014

Optisense’s Optiqua division seeks to enter US via JV

Optisense, the private Dutch optical biosensor specialist, is looking to forge joint ventures (JV) to enter the US market with its water monitoring division Optiqua, Managing Director Jos-Willem Verhoef said. Source: Proprietary Intelligence

25 Jan 2014

Green Energy Options secures £3m funding

A provider of residential home energy management system, Green Energy Options (GEO), has secured £3m of funding to support the further development of its web services and product portfolio. Source: energy & Efficiency

22 Jan 2014

Push Enery gains £1.5m funding for its UK solar farms

Colchester-based solar developer Push Energy has secured £1.5 million of funding to construct solar farms across the UK.

18 Dec 2013

Turquoise International fund invests in renewable power technologies

Three U.K. companies received $2.8 million from the Turquoise International fund to develop solar farms and other energy efficiency technologies, Bloomberg reported. Source: PennEnergy

20 Nov 2013

Turquoise receives award from Acquisition International magazine

Turquoise has been named the ‘Energy Focused Corporate Finance Firm of the Year’ for the UK by Acquisition nternational Magazine

04 Nov 2013

Anvil gains £1m funding for its low cost Silicon Carbide power devices

Anvil Semiconductors has secured £1 million funding to help develop and commercialise its innovative technology.

10 Oct 2013

Investing beyond wind and solar PV – 10 sectors to watch

What opportunities lie out there for investors wishing to steer clear of wind and solar PV? Source: Renewable Energy Focus

09 Sep 2013

Merchant bank Turquoise appoints new fund manager

UK-based energy and environment merchant bank Turquoise International has appointed Desmond Astley-Cooper as fund manager. Source: New Energy World Network

03 Sep 2013

Turquoise looking to support water-based fundraising and M&A deals

UK-based energy and environment merchant bank Turquoise International has again linked up with cleantech consultancy Isle Utilities, to support water-based investment and M&A transactions. source: New Energy World Network

15 Aug 2013

The challenge of getting automotive technologies to market

Getting investors excited and interested in any start-up business is a difficult task. However, mention the automotive industry to many and you will get 3D graphene promises cheaper solar cells laughed out of the room. Source: Eureka

19 Jul 2013

LED specialist Isotera gains £1.6m from Turquoise-managed LCIF

LED lighting systems specialist Isotera has secured £1.6m in funding from the Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF), a venture capital fund managed by Turquoise International for the Adapt Low Carbon Group at the University of East Anglia. source: New Energy World Network

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