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22 Oct 2015

Prof John Loughhead

John has over 40 years’ experience in R&D, innovation and product development in the energy sector. He ...Read More

01 Mar 2022

Olivier Lebleu

Olivier has nearly 30 years of financial services experience, including roles in portfolio management, inst...Read More

27 Jan 2020

Andrew Janis Folkmanis

Born and educated in the UK Janis spent the earlier part of his career (1977 – 1988) as a design engineer i...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Ali Naini

Ali is the founder director of Turquoise and responsible for overall management of the firm. He focuses on ...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Ian Thomas

Since joining Turquoise in 2004, Ian has led numerous fundraising and M&A advisory assignments, as well...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Francis Wright

Francis is a co-founder of Turquoise where he has played a leading role in developing the firm’s corporate ...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Kevin Murphy

Kevin joined Turquoise in 2008. He is responsible for coordinating activities relating to the Low Carbon In...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Elisha Kelly

Elisha is a founder member of the Turquoise team, with responsibility for Operations. Prior to joining Turq...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Desmond Astley-Cooper

Desmond has over 30 years’ experience in fund management, finance & banking. At Turquoise, he is a seni...Read More

22 Oct 2015

David Wright

David has 15 years of experience in Asia having lived and worked in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Beijing....Read More

22 Oct 2015

David Casale

David focusses primarily on energy projects and investments including renewables and energy storage. Prior ...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Geoffrey Callow

Geoff has 45 years’ experience in new product development in the automotive sector. He advises Turquoise on...Read More

23 Oct 2015

Charles Ramsden

Charlie joined Turquoise in 2020 and works on corporate finance advisory and investment management transact...Read More

13 Jan 2022

Luke Jackson

Luke works on corporate finance advisory and investment management transactions. Prior to joining Turquoise...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Howard Lack

Howard has previously held a number of director-level roles in investment banking, leading raising several ...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Russell Granat

Russell has acted as external accountant and auditor to Turquoise International since formation, relinquish...Read More

22 Oct 2015

Tim Yeo

Tim was a Member of Parliament for 32 years during which time he occupied a variety of senior energy and en...Read More

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