Year: 2018

07 Nov 2018

Reasons why things are heating up for the smart home sector

We’ve invested in and supported smart home start-up geo since its inception six years ago. Over that period...阅读更多

05 Jul 2018

Tevva Motors: mass adoption of Zero Emission Trucks takes a step forward

Zero emission cars are now a familiar sight, but there are currently almost no zero emission trucks on the ...阅读更多

19 Jun 2018

Natural Resources Ltd – Plastic-free potential

In this whitepaper, we interview James Gardiner of Natural Resources Ltd (NRL). He discusses how new techno...阅读更多

19 Apr 2018

Fashionable Investing

The role that fashion plays amongst investors is often underestimated. One would be forgiven for thinking t...阅读更多

13 Mar 2018

Meet the Turquoise team: David Casale

Business What has been the most significant technological development of recent years? The most recent one....阅读更多

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